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Gary Chang has composed and produced over 80 film and television projects, including 8 films directed by film legend John Frankenheimer and 3 Primetime mini-series written and produced by Stephen King. A former student of Morton Subotnick while studying at California Institute of the Arts, Gary’s involvement in the usage of early music technology in the 70’s had enabled him to have worked for many illuminaries of music, including Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Weather Report, Robbie Robertson, Al Jareau, and, eventually film composers Patrick Williams and Giorgio Moroder.

A common thread in all of Gary’s music career activities has been his interest and application in electronic music. Utilizing devices and techniques ranging from primitive and historical to esoteric and cutting-edged, FU represents a quest for musical interest and sonic excellence.

Anthony Baldino is a composer/sound designer whose work encompasses a broad spectrum of music creation from electronic composition to sound installations, composition and sound design for film and modern dance, to remixes for various artists around the world. An award-winning alumnus of the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Anthony majored in both music synthesis and film scoring. Having several modern dance premiers at the Boston Conservatory, numerous performances in European electronic music festivals and installations, as well as production and remixes of multiple artists , Anthony has been hitting the world full force. His film works have been featured in major theaters and in the Sundance, Toronto and Sarasota film festivals and his installation works have been featured in the Computer Music Journal. Anthony Baldino certainly has enough under his belt to know and understand what it takes to create a unique experience for the listener.